How much are you today?

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Top for P5, Boyfriend Jeans for a hundred and baby pink pumps for P20 ONLY.
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Andy Warhol t-shirt for P50 and bottom for P35.
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Stole my husband’s Levis Top that I got for a hundred only. =P
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Got the top for P35.
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Top for P5 only and Roxy Slip-on for P100.
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Yellow top for P5 and Sweet Camel bottom for P150.
(Forgive my editing skills) =D
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Top for 60, bottom for P35 (I was begging to get it for 20, but I failed) and Vans Sneakers for P150 (It’s good as new when I got it and please don’t ask me if it’s clean, coz I surely wont wear if it aint) haha
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Yes, got all three of ‘em for FIVE PESOS ONLY.=D
(Shoes for P30)
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Bought Top for P100, Bottom for P50 and the bag, well, it’s freakin P30!
Permalink P370 LookDress for P20 only, Denim vest for P50 and FENDI Bag for P300 (who says it’s fake? =) 
Note: Sorry if pic quality’s not good, dl it from fb and they sorta reduced the resolution or maybe I simply dont know how